IE 8 Review

The ultimate improvement in browser performance is not making a page load faster but making it unnecessary to load the page at all. That's the guiding principle behind some of the most interesting interface changes in Internet Explorer 8. read more

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Microsoft Provides Early Look at Internet Explorer 9 (Review). “The Platform Preview, and the feedback loop it is part of, marks a major change from previous IE releases,” said Dean Hachamovich, the browser team's general manager, ... IE has lost approximately 8 percentage points of share as measured by NetApplications.com in the last 12 months, and now accounts for about 62% of all browsers in use. Even the introduction of IE8 a year ago hasn't stemmed the losses. ... 17 March 2010

Internet Explorer 9 Developer Preview Now Available, No XP Support

For example, Opera says they have the fastest java script engine. But they consume more memory than IE 8 in most of the site. Now you cannot say Opera better than IE 8, both has plus and minus. We need one complete review of all the ... 16 March 2010

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Microsoft has announced that the Internet Explorer 9 Platform Review is available today. The download is for Windows Vista SP2 (32bit or 64bit) or Windows 7 (32bit or 64bit). On Vista, Internet Explorer 8 and Direct 2D (D2D) are also ... 16 March 2010

Internet Explorer 9 Previewed

Internet Explorer 9 Previewed, Technology News and Reviews, Mobile Devices and gadgets. Smartphone and Pocket PC Reviews; HTC, Samsung, Touch Diamond2, HTC Hero, HTC HD2, iPhone, Windows Mobile 7 news. ... Internet Explorer 8 already delivers the best web experience on Windows offering great features, reliability and security and this next version, Internet Explorer 9, will make this even better. Microsoft is committed to rigorous testing and IE9 will be publically ... 16 March 2010"